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Hi! I am Rhaea Goff, the CEO and owner of A Rhaea Hope, LLC, a mental health agency in Alexandria, VA. I am an educator, life strategist  and a licensed clinical social worker with over 17  years in the human service field. Throughout my tenure, I have been privileged to advocate for the disenfranchised by facilitating substance abuse education classes and parenting groups, providing outpatient therapy, mental health services in the school setting, and more.


At A Rhaea Hope, LLC, we help individuals cultivate the kind of lives they desire. Our mission is to help our clients recognize their strengths, identify new perspectives, and develop healthy coping strategies that are necessary to become their best selves. 

I earned a bachelor's degree from Virginia State University in the field of Sociology and a master's degree from Norfolk State University in the field of Social Work. 

Rhaea (pronounced Ray-a) is my first name. In elementary school, my peers struggled with pronouncing my name. My kindergarten gym teacher noticed how frustrated I would become and taught me a trick. When I introduce myself, I should say "Hello my name is Rhaea, pronounced like A Ray-a Hope or A Ray-A Sunshine" and thirty plus years later, I still use it.  

Both phrases encompass who I am. In most cases, I am able to give people tools and strategies to navigate through some of the toughest situations. Also, when people first meet me they tend to say "there is something about you; I just can't figure out what it is" but I have a sense that they are referring to the light that shines within me. My mission is to help my clients notice the light that shines within them. My ultimate goal, is to give them HOPE!