My mission is to help you live your life in an authentic and fulfilling way

I hold a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Virginia State University and a master’s degree in social work from Virginia State University. I am also licensed as a clinical social worker and a certified purpose clarity coach.

​I am also every woman. I understand the struggles and triumphs we often face during our journey to self-actualization. I spent a notable part of my life feeling unfulfilled--existing in life instead of living it. I was intrigued by people who had an “inner spark.” I wanted it but didn’t know how to access mine. I became sick and tired of being sick and tired and began the journey of self-discovery. Through my process, I discovered who I was, created a vision, and started living my life in an authentic and fulfilling way. I have taken my pain and turned it into purpose. I’m here to help do the same for you.


Joy. Fulfillment.

Through my company, A Rhaea Hope, my work centers around helping women live authentic and fulfilling lives.  Self-acceptance, joy, and success are everyone's birthright. Through coaching services, we move them from a life that's good enough to one of greatness.


Providing An Extra Layer Of Support For Business

With the higher rates of turnover, absenteeism, and burnout, the price of employee mental health issues is too high to ignore. What if employees could gain valuable tools in their workplace that can reduce turnover, absenteeism, and burnout?  My services can do just that!