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Resilience Coaching.  Consulting.  Workshops. 

A Rhaea Hope, LLC is a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations gain the skills needed to develop resilience. We help our clients address increasing demands, stress and constant changes in work and life. We do this by helping them develop skills to remain flexible in thought, behaviors and emotions.


We are a place of HOPE, for individuals, who are trying to stay afloat during vulnerable and difficult times. For organizations we are  a trusted partner offering employee wellness trainings and resilience workshops. Our mission is to equip you with the skills and resources to overcome obstacles and work towards positive change. Whether you are an individual, small group or organization, we are here for you. 

Who We Are?


What We Provide




A place where resources can be found; such as books, podcasts, FaceBook groups and more that will help you design a well-lived life while renewing your HOPE during difficult situations.


(Resources provided are suggestions only.  A Rhaea Hope does not own or receive profit for any resource given.)

Embrace the Messy Parts of Life!

Life happens! Usually at the most inopportune times. Together, let's jump in and get our hands dirty. Sign-up here to receive laughter, tips, and tools that will help you build a resilient life!


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