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Who We Are

A Rhaea Hope is a multidisciplinary, Northern Virginia-based group practice that offers individual, parenting, couples therapy, and personal development coaching. Our mission is to help individuals live authentic lives by unlearning unhealthy patterns and uncovering barriers preventing them from achieving happiness, stability, and success. 


We have a non-judgmental, empathetic, and humanistic approach. Our therapists and coaches will stand with you throughout your journey.  We are responsive to your needs and work to provide a therapeutic relationship that fosters positive change.

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Parenting Therapy

Whether it’s your first or third child, parenting can sometimes be hard. Babies rely on their parents and caretakers to guide them and meet their emotional and physical needs while teaching them life and social skills. And get this... they don't come with a training manual specializing in their child's needs. Oh, let's not forget the moments when you feel like you have lost yourself.  Whew... You are not alone!

Couple's Therapy

Whether you are in a new or established relationship, periodically, we encounter speed bumps where additional support may be required. Over time, disconnection between couples can occur due to distractions of kids, work and commitments, and financial stressors. Even a healthy partnership can benefit from couples counseling to continue to gain insight about one another and strengthen their bond.  

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is not only when you are in crisis. It’s a space to learn more about yourself, relationships, and how your life experiences have impacted you. Come with the intention to grow, remain productive, and talk to an unbiased person.


"Life wasn't meant to break you but to bring the best out of you."

Rhaea Goff, Founder of A Rhaea Hope

Our Team

We are hiring part-time therapists. For more information, please visit our career page.


Founder and Personal Development Coach