Becoming Unstuck: 

Taking Steps to Create a Life You Desire

Hosted by Rhaea Goff, LCSW

Becoming Unstuck

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed by life? You have goals, but either fear or failure has caused you to become stuck. You are one step away from throwing your dreams in a dumpster and setting them on fire. Have I summed things up accurately? 


No worries; I got you!


I have helped several women work through their disappointments, reframe their mindset, and develop actionable steps toward developing the lifestyle they desire. 


Join me on January 30, 2021 as Rhaea hosts a free 2-hour virtual class called Becoming Unstuck: Taking Steps to Create a Life You Desire.

No more contemplating; sign up below to register for this class. 

Who:  Women who feel stuck in life (career, relationships, and personal goals)


When: Saturday January 30, 2021 from 10:00am-12:00pm

Cost: Free


Where: This dynamic 2 hour interactive class will be offered via Zoom (video conferencing).  

What: You will learn: 3 Strategies that will assist you with getting unstuck

  • Recognizing and acknowledging where you are. (Gain an understanding on how you became stuck

  • Facing your fears. (Discover what is holding you back.)

  • Moving Forward (Set goals to live the life that you love.)

What People Are Saying

I attended one of Rhaea’s online workshops on managing stress and developing healthy coping skills during COVID-19. As a new mom with a deployed spouse, this was just the safe place I needed to expose my vulnerabilities in a productive and meaningful that sprung me into action to employ more helpful self-care practices. Rhaea showed us empathy, kindness and unconditional positive regard which facilitated a sense of community where participants could share openly. Rhaea provided the structure that allowed for introspection and personal growth, while giving mental reminders of the importance of  grace. Rhaea is a skilled practitioner who offers solution-focused strategies and gifts you a newfound perspective in your own life. 

Sharon Powers