All sessions are provided virtually. Services are paid in full by the client. Upon request, our therapists can provide you with a Superbill which you can give to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You may call your insurance company to learn more about your out-of-network benefits.

Health insurance companies often dictate the type, length, and the number of sessions clients can access and prevent us from ensuring therapy meets the client's needs. 

We have intentionally chosen not to be paneled with insurance companies to allow our therapists to focus on the client’s mental health and their experience over billing codes and profit margins of corporations. To learn more, please read this supporting document Health Insurers Still Don't Adequately Cover Mental Health Treatment.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is not only when you are in crisis. It’s a space to learn more about yourself, relationships, and how your life experiences have impacted you. Come with the intention to grow, remain productive, and talk to an unbiased person. 


Our therapists are here to listen to you talk about your concerns, help you gain understanding, navigate solutions, guide you through your feelings, and hold space for you.

$150 per hour


Couple's Therapy

Whether you are in a new or established relationship, periodically, we encounter speed bumps where additional support may be required. Over time, disconnection between couples can occur due to distractions of kids, work and commitments, and financial stressors. Even a healthy partnership can benefit from couples counseling to continue to gain insight about one another and strengthen their bond.  

Our couple’s therapist will seek understanding and support you in implementing strategies and tools to change how you communicate and shift unhealthy dynamics within your relationship. 

$175 per hour


Parenting Therapy

Whether it’s your first or third child, parenting can sometimes be hard. Babies rely on their parents and caretakers to guide them and meet their emotional and physical needs while teaching them life and social skills. And get this... they don't come with a training manual specializing in their child's needs. Yelling at children has proven ineffective. Oh, let's not forget the moments when you feel like you have lost yourself.  Whew... You are not alone!


Our coaches and therapists will help you process past trauma that actively impacts how you communicate and raise your child. You will learn how to manage the tough moments better and become the parent you want to be. Some topics we cover are: identifying parenting style, co-parenting, building healthy relationships with your child, and implementing a family routine.

$150 per hour


Personal Development Coaching

Between social media and pressure from your parents/friends/society, losing perspective of who you are and what you desire from life is easy. Or maybe you have done everything you were “supposed to do,” and you still feel stuck. Personal Development Coaching is designed to help you understand who you are and create a life aligned with it. Sessions are designed to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be―in life, relationships, and career.

Two packages are available. Please contact us for more information.

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