• Rhaea

Move Out of Your Way

How many times have you driven down the street and a car cuts off only to drive slowly. You hit your steering wheel and say Really???? Move out of my way! You try to go around them but there is traffic on both sides of you. For the next few blocks you wait for a break in traffic so you can aggressively go around the car. You will do just about anything to move the other car out of your way so you can get to your destination!

My question to you is where is all of this aggression and fight when you are getting in your own way of achieving a goal or fulfilling your purpose. It seems like you give yourself a pass or make excuses why this is not the right time for you to begin the process.

We can (and most of the time are) our own worst enemy. We blame others and circumstances in order to make us feel better.

No one ever says- “I never opened my own business because I was too scared to take a step.

I was not successful because I never pushed myself.

I never found out my purpose in life because I didn’t want to put in the work to discover who I am.

We typically say—Girl, it was my bosses fault I never got my promotion. I would not play by his rules. I am good just the way I am. The world needs to adjust to me and my moods. I don’t believe God hears my prayers. He hasn’t answered any of them!”

For me, I have on many occasions I have felt unfilled in my professional life. A lot times, I sat at my desk and question whether this is it. Will I always be just a school social worker? Every time I said it God responded by saying I am waiting on you. I have told you to start your blog and YouTube station but are not doing your part.

In what ways are you in your own way? Are you giving yourself a pass when you should be pushing yourself to keep going? You have to do your part which is to push the fear, pain and disappointment and move forward. Hold yourself accountable; if you can’t do it, find an accountability partner. It’s time to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!!