Purpose Clarity® 


Who you really are is not lost. Let's work together to remove cultural conditioning, other people's opinion, and ideas of who you are supposed to be and unveil who you truly are.

This 5-week program is ideal for anyone wrestling with a life transition, trying to make a critical career decision, or craving more meaning in life. It helps people identify their top 40 skills and interests, brainstorm new directions, develop a concise description of their purpose, and create a plan to bring a new found purpose to life. 

Going Through a Life Transition

Perfect for individuals...

  •  Divorce, job loss, relocation

  • Reclaiming/rediscovering your identify

  • Changes within your family (new parents, empty nesters, parents of boomerang children)

 Seeking Career Development

  • Seeking a job or changing careers

  • Returning to work 

  • Evaluating retirement options

  • Relocating military spouse

The Purpose Clarity®  Program is a four-part coaching program that allows you to convert your passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.


  • Part 1: Preparing the way by identifying your passions and interests.

  • Part 2: Brainstorming up to 40 ideas.

  • Part 3: Synthesize your top ten ideas to discover your purpose.

  • Part 4: Create a plan for how to bring your purpose to life.