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Don't Settle For Safe- Sarah Jakes Roberts

Ready to stop dimming your life and playing it safe? Sarah Jakes Roberts helps to embrace the uncomfortable to help you thrive in life. 


The Most Powerful Woman In the Room is You. - Lydia Fenet

This book provides guidance on how to navigate your career (networking, avoiding office drama, making yourself invaluable to your boss, asking for what you want, negotiating your salary, and more). Lydia encourages you to embrace whom you are and take ownership of your life. 


How to Be your Own Bestfriend. - Mildred and Bernard Berkowitz

It's not your typical feel-good book. It reads like a transcript of a transparent and honest conversation between a client and their therapist. 


The authors recognize that the process of loving yourself and being YOU can be a daunting task. They encourage you to accept yourself as you are and trust your inner self during times of crisis. 

Practical tools to establish boundaries and manage feelings of discomfort.


Set Boundaries and find Peace- Nedra Glover Tawwab

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