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Thriving During COVID-19

For the past 6 weeks, we have been hunkering down abiding by our governor’s stay-at-home order while attempting to  embrace our new normal. Like many of you, my transition has been… interesting. 

I have created a 90 minute workshop called Thriving During COVID-19. This will be an interactive class that will provide you with the skills, resources, inspiration and laughter that is needed to get through this unprecedented time. All you need to participate is  your computer, and either a smartphone or tablet.

Who: For those who may have found their rhythm and are looking for ways to improve their new routine. 

Also,  for individuals who would like access to  resources and practical skills that will help them navigate this unprecedented time. 


When: Saturday May 2, 2020 from 11:30am-1:00pm

Cost: $40


Where: This dynamic 90 minute interactive workshop will be offered via Zoom (video conferencing).  


Why: Listen, we are all trying to get through this without losing our sense of self. While we may be physically  distancing, we are actually in this together. I am here to encourage, support and share needed resources to help you to turn surviving into thriving. 


What: The workshop will cover the following topics (not limited to):

  • What Happened?!?! (Grieving the Life You Use to Have.)

  • Structuring Your Time (Now that I am home, what do I do?)

  • Maintaining Your Mental and Physical Health

  • Social Distancing vs Physical Distancing (How Stay Connected)

  • Self-Care

  • Resources

Thriving During COVID-19
Zoom (Video Conferencing)

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