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Is Resilience Coaching for me?

Resilience Coaching is for people who have encountered one or more life events that have caused them to feel stuck in the same routine. The toll and the daily grind consume both their time and energy.  Relationships, self-care, and personal goals are lost in the process. Coaching is also beneficial for individuals who have difficulty recovering from failures and disappointments and often employ unhealthy coping skills—shaming, blaming and withdrawing— to recover. While adapting to abrupt changes in circumstances, it is always helpful to have a supporting nudge to move your life in a new direction.

My role, as a coach, is not to help clients recreate the life they used to have. Instead, I will help them build  self-confidence to allow them to hear their inner voice. Clients will build their capacity to remain flexible in thought, behaviors, and emotions when stressed. I will help clients move forward with enough resources to deal with life and work challenges. Life’s challenges are not meant to break us apart; rather, they present an opportunity to build the strongest parts of ourselves.

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